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Connecting customers and products based on trust Finding new values in changes
and growth KC&A looks beyond convenient and happy chemicals.

케이씨엔에이 CI

Expressing the company’s drive
to become a general trading corporation.

he new CI was developed to reflect the company’s drive to go
from being a trading firm primarily handling chemical products
to becoming a general trading corporation that deals
with a variety of products.

The present and the future of the company, which is growing into
a global enterprise, have been expressed through a logo type
that extends powerfully over straight line images.
Moreover, the green color, symbolizing a clean environment
and an impression of comfort, is used to declare that
our company forms reliable and trustworthy partnerships.

  • Logo type

    The logo type is an essential design element that constitutes the identity of KC&A along with the KC&A logo.
    Also, the logo type may be used to express the identity of KC&A in place of the KC&A logo

  • Logo type

    Grayscale is used in cases where it is difficult to reproduce the colors of the KC&A logo, and must be used with
    caution to maintain the original logo form even if it is expressed in a single color.

    로고타입 그레이스케일
  • Graphic motif

    Graphic motif is an essential design element that constitutes the identity of KC&A.
    The graphic motif may be applied in basic type and grayscale type (black, white, and gray),
    and the use of other colors must be avoided.

    그래픽모티브 기본형
    Basic type
    그래픽모티브 Grayscale 형
    Grayscale type
  • Exclusive colors

    Exclusive colors are an essential element that constitutes the identity of KC&A.
    They must be applied without any deformation or distortion in accordance with the proposed criteria.

    • KC&A Green
      • Process Color

        C50 M10 Y100 K0

      • RGB Color

        R143 G183 B62

      • Spot Color

        Pantone Color376C