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Social contributions of
Korea Alcohol Industrial Co., Ltd.

Corporate Social

Through a partnership with ChildFund Korea, the nation’s largest
non-profit organization for children welfare established in 1948,
it actively pursues a variety of social contribution activities tailored
to each site in order to fulfill the company’s social responsibilities
through the implementation of spreading love as part
of the group’s ethical management practices.

한국알콜산업의 사회공헌


Group’s CSR slogan

By focusing on supporting children from impoverished homes,
it aims to give hope to children to achieve their dreams.

CSR 프로그램

CSR programs

Running programs in which employees directly participate and corporate assistance is provided to select and nurture children who possess special talents in addition to unfortunate children

Employee participation

Company support

CSR 운영 주체

Body of CSR operations

By establishing a systematic organization within the Korea Alcohol Industrial Co., Ltd. and pursuing organic social contribution activities among worksites, various social contribution programs are run through an agreement with professional NGOs instead of existing local welfare organizations.



Various CSR activities

CSR 활동
CSR 활동
CSR 활동