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Product Inquiry

Product Inquiry


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Purchase inquiries by product

Product categorization table
Product categorization TEL Product and employee in charge Online inquiries

Ethyl acetate, normal butyl acetate

+82-31-881-8176 Kang-hyun, Kim Contact
+82-31-881-8176 Han-sol, Kang

Ethanol for eco-friendly fuel,
absolute ethanol for fuel

+82-31-881-8182 Yang-soo, Kim Contact
+82-31-881-8184 Tae-jin, Kang

Ethanol Export(Anhydrous FUEL GRADE PNS, ASTM)

+82-31-881-8174 Wonbae Park Contact

Ethanol Export(Industrial Grade 95%, 96%, 98%)

+82-31-881-8180 Jason Hwang Contact