Mission & Vision


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Ethical Management


KC&A strives to carry out ethical standards for a convenient and happy world,
innovative product development, and a cleaner environment.


Ethical Management of KC&A

Founded upon Ethical Management, we fulfill our social responsibilities
and execute transparent and upright management according to
the global corporate environment. With dreams of making the world
a more convenient place through the materials we create,
we at KC&A commit to becoming a company that always strives
for continuous development to carry out changes and growth.

Ethical Management Charter

  • 고객존중 고객감동

    We always strive to treat customers with
    respect, bring satisfaction to customers
    and promote customer value by putting
    ourselves in their shoes.

  • 정의준수 신뢰확보

    We comply with the related laws and procedural definitions to ensure the trust of our shareholders through transparent decision making and maximize shareholder value through continuous management innovation and growth strategies.

  • 법규와 절차 준수

    We adhere to the laws and procedures
    to become a company with a sense
    of professional honesty and a strict sense
    of responsibility.

  • 인간존중

    We respect one another
    and pursue everyone's wellbeing
    and wellness first and foremost.

  • 미래지향

    We aim for the world and future, and with a sense of pride and self-esteem,
    we transform into the company that we desire through creation and initiatives.

  • 부패행위 금지

    We trade fairly with our suppliers at an equal level and any and all corrupt practices,
    including bribery and favorable treatment are prohibited.

  • 국가의 지속발전 이바지

    We contribute to the sustainable
    development of our communities
    and nation by fulfilling >our social


Commitment for
customer trust,
changes for the future

KC&A strives to execute Ethical Management and become a fair,
transparent company that holds to ethical standards.
For any damages and/or losses inflicted by unjust requests or
unfair actions of our employees as well as any suggestions and
recommendations for KC&A, please send them to us and
we will respond to you in a sincere and timely manner.