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KC&A, the Asian leader in green chemicals, commits to becoming a company that
continuously grows through innovative product development for a convenient and happy world.

We are “KC&A”, the Asian leader in green chemicals through innovative product development.

We commit to becoming a company that continuously grows for a convenient and happy world.

변화와 성장을 위한 지속적인 발전

Consistent development
for change and growth

Founded as Korea Alcohol Tongsang in 1990 and changing its name to Korea Chemical
in 1993, and finally to KC&A in 2003, the company has achieved great success and
remarkable growth in product development, with increases in sales through diversification
of product lineup and advancement of professional fine chemical products.
We flexibly respond to the rapidly changing market and policies, carry out stable supply
of products through diverse product development, and continue to grow
based on our products and trust.

Stable product supply/sales

We supply raw materials in a stable manner to our affiliates, Korea Alcohol Industrial
and ENF Technology, and have established a solid business system through
development of various products and the diversification of sales routes.
Based on more than 20 years of experienced expertise, a stable financial status and
thorough service mindset, we contribute to the stabilization of the market
with the trust of our customers.

안정적인 제품공급/판매
아시아 No.1 에탄올 트레이딩

Asia No.1 Ethanol Trading

We supply and sell our highly reliable products to the market in a stable manner through
a global supply network. Thanks to more than 20 years of accumulated expertise and technology,
we continue to produce outstanding results in the global chemical products trading industry.
Also, through No. 1 in ethanol trading in the Asian region, we contribute to the formation
of stable industries in domestic and international markets alike.

  • Company name KC&A
  • CEO Chi Yong-seok, Kim Jeong-soo
  • Founded September 1990
  • Primary area of business general trading company
  • Capital 14, Tapsil-ro 35beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Overseas Branches KC&A Philippines


  • 2010~
    • New VISION Statement

    • Declared New CI

    • Relocated to Giheung headquarters

    • Awarded $200 million Export Tower (645 billion KRW in sales)

  • 2000~
    • Achieved 400 billion KRW in sales

    • Awarded $100 million Export Tower

    • Achieved 200 billion KRW in sales

    • Changed name of company to KC&A

    • Acquired ISO 9001

  • 1990~
    • Changed name of company to Korea Chemical

    • Signed distributor agency contract with Korea Alcohol Industrial

    • Founded Korea Alcohol Tongsang